Thursday, January 05, 2006

Still nothing

Yet another day of nothing. Granted, today is my 2 shift day, so I can't beat myself up totally. Tomorrow will definitely be a day for a nice's going to be fairly sunny and warm . I think a minimum of 2 miles is in order.

I think I should also set a goal of setting up the bike trainer for this weekend. I could do so much if I had it up. I could exercise when I get home late from work or from visiting my grandmother and it's too dark to run.

I'm part of an Ironman challenge where you do the distances of an Ironman over the period of a month. So far I've got 2 out of 26.2 miles of running done. I still need 112 miles of bike and 4200 yards of swim....not a good start, but not impossible at this point...

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