Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jeez Louise!

I cannot believe that so much time has passed since my last post. Unbelievable. I'm sure if I think about it, I probably have a lot to say, but I'm only here for a brief visit. I'm here to post my long and short term goals for weight loss a la Amy.

Long Term Goals

For long term goals, I would like to be down to about 160 before next summer. Ultimately, I would like to weigh about 140, but 160 before I start trying for baby number 2 would be lovely. I would also, after baby number 2, to get myself involved in triathlon training and racing once again. I used to have a great time racing, even though I was always in the back of the pack.

Long Term Goal Rewards

Always with long term weight loss goals comes a new, fabulous wardrobe. I think a triathlon bike would be a fabulous reward as well.

Short Term Goals

Short term goals, I find, are the hardest to set. I tend to put time lines on mine and then if I don't achieve it, I get pissy. Eh, I'm honest, right? I think I would like to think of my weight loss in chunks of 10. Fairly manageable. And being a Weight Watchers girl, I would very much like to motivate myself somehow into tracking again.

Short Term Rewards

I have put a moratorium on buying any more sock yarn. I have a ton, and I'm working diligently on a couple of project and I have spend too much on sock yarn this summer, and in no way will I be able to use it all up by Christmas...however, I think I will reward myself with a trip to a local yarn star each time I lose 10 pounds. I will, of course, set a budget which I will try very hard to stick to. As for tracking, perhaps for 2 week period that I track a minimum of 5 days I treat myself to a pedicure. Sounds good to me!

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totegirl said...

Baby #2? YAY!

Your short term rewards sound really good!

Glad to hear your voice, even if for just a quick post. Now hurry up and get back here soon!