Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tore Up from the Floor Up

I was finally "allowed" back into the new house. Yay for me! We brought Reuben with us, too. We figure that if we bring him from time to time, the move will be less stressful for him in the long run. A happy dog is a good dog.

Demolished kitchen. Soon to be awesome kitchen with a dishwasher (YES) and an awesome refrigerator that has a freezer on the bottom and french doors on top. I might be in appliance choosing heaven!

Ripped up living room. Chris' dad, who is a professional decorative painter who mostly works in million dollar condos in Manhattan, is going to smooth out the giant fireplace and use a product on it that will make it look like Venetian Plaster. Awesome!

Master bedroom. Someday soon, this room will have windows...and no fake wood on the walls.

This will be the baby's room. It's the larger of the two other bedrooms. It too will have brand spankin' new windows very soon!


totegirl said...

WOW! NICE! How exciting it is to be creating your home exactly how you want it! Hooray! I'm glad you showed some pics. I love living vicariously.

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