Thursday, May 01, 2008

Things I've noticed

1. My nose is working overtime. While at school, I can actually smell hormones off of the kids. At the library, sometimes I have to hold my breath while helping patrons because of their scent. It's not that they smell bad, their scent might just be too intense for me.

2. Doug Wilson from TLC's Moving Up is wearing way too much make-up this season. He looks like a dolled up cadaver.

3. My newest lead student at work hates me....but I'm sure that will pass. You see, she's fairly new to my school. She's been sent to my school because she liked to cut class at her old high school. What I don't think she realizes is 1)We only have 50 kids at my school, so slipping between the attendance cracks rarely happens 2)When I say I am going to do something, I'm going to do it. I had a long conversation with her yesterday about cutting and getting to class on time. I told her that if she can't get that done, I would have to escort her to class the following day. Well, she cut math yesterday...only about an hour after our what happened today? I waited for her outside of each class, and followed her to her next class. At one point she started yelling at me to leave her alone. I basically told her this: We talked about what would happen if you couldn't make it to class on time. You knew what would happen if you cut class, so accept the consequence. I will not be following you tomorrow if you are where you are supposed to be today. She didn't say anything about it for the rest of the day. I'll have to see how tomorrow goes. I'm hearing ugly things about her behavior in class....I might have to let her know that I can arrange my schedule so that I can sit with her and help her in class if she wants. This time, I'm sure she'll understand that I am dead serious.

4. The weather is finally getting nice.

5. There is a serious lack of skorts in the maternity department. This makes me sad. Designers...get on it!

6. The baby keeps a very tight schedule. It's active from 9am-10:30am, 12pm-1pm, 3pm-5pm and then 8pm-10pm. Not bad. I'm sure it's moving around at night, but that I'm asleep and don't notice at this point. I'm sure once the baby is bigger, I'll get some righteous kicks at night time.

7. I have less than 100 days until my due date. Eeep!


Happy Cathy said...

No skorts! That stinks. I'm sorry to hear about your acute sense of smell. Do smells make you sick? Well, keep me posted about the things you notice with your new "super human pregnant woman powers". I love it!

Sarah said...

I love number 3. Way to care about a student. nice job.

Amazon Alanna said...

Cathy, the smells do not make me sick per-day, but sometimes are too intense to bear and it inhibits my breathing.

Sarah, I figure that most of the kids that are sent to my school don't experience adults actually following through with consequences, so I make that a priority. It's a pain for me, but she needs the attention and eventually I'll have no problems with her at all if she learns the boundaries.

totegirl said...

WOW! I mean where do I start? Skorts? No, let's not start there. Let's start at only about 3 cycles of the moon until you're a mama! Yay! And the kiddo sounds awesome. Already with a schedule? Love him/her even more.

My best bud has a daughter (only 14 years old) who skips A.LOT. I have told my friend that she has to set consequences and follow through. She doesn't, and the kid continues to skip class. Wish she had a teacher like you around!

Okay, now skorts? How about some biker shorts under skirts? Hey, I'm trying here!

Brigitte said...

Very cool for that student. It will help her for sure.

Time if flying by so quickly.
You are going to enter the full of energy phase and cooking stage in a week or two. :)