Monday, May 12, 2008

Some random things

I don't have much energy at the moment, but I need to update the blog! So I'm going to do yet another list for all of you who are interested.

1) I finally finished registering for baby things. I never realized how tiring that can be. Thank goodness I have people who gave me good advice as to what to get. I don't know who the heck is going to buy me all the stuff I registered for...I don't even think I know that many women!

2) Work is going okay. My new lead student is still having trouble adjusting, but she and I are certainly seeing eye to eye more often now. She understands me for the most part and that's a big step.

3) I have an odd hobby to share. It makes me think of my friend Cathy from work, because she will probably find this to be funny. One of my favorite thing to do is to appear in stranger's pictures. If someone is taking a picture and if I'm even remotely in the background, I will turn to the camera and smile like I'm supposed to be in the picture. There have been occasions at shows, or at the zoo when people take a huge group photo with a singer or in front of an animal cage, and I've found my way in to the picture. Don't worry, I don't stand in for every shot. And I don't do family shots...that's just wrong. I have to admit, it makes me chuckle to think that someone, somewhere got pictures developed and they point to my smiling face and ask "Who is this?" Good times.

4) I'm now in my third trimester. I waddle, I get really tired at night, and I have trouble bending at the waist. I think about chicken pot pies all the time.


totegirl said...

I took a crappy picture at SXSW but decided to keep it because some random dude totally did that!¤t=PICT0185.jpg

So, how's the other pregnant co-worker doing?

Amazon Alanna said...

Marta: This comment is all for you!

That guy was bold in your picture...I do more of a background thing...or at least a "back row" thing if there are more than 7 people in the picture. That pic is hysterical, though.

As for my co-worker, basically she doesn't seem to eat enough, she "leaks" from time to time, has been to the hospital a bunch of times, her doctor has recommended bedrest to which she answered "I'm not ready for bedrest" so she's been coming to work and going to doctoral classes. She thinks that doing research on her laptop while lying down is "relaxing" and remaining "stress free". She tells us that her babies are healthy though, that all I hope for.

Amazon Alanna said...

One more thing...I can't get enough of David Cross singing the chicken pot pie song. Man, I love that 4 seconds ever!

Happy Cathy said...

You are absolutely correct! I think it is hysterical that you try to get in strangers' pictures. I love that you not only stand in the pictures, but you make it a point to smile, as if you are supposed to be there. That's awesome. If only there was a way to get a copy of all these pictures!!!