Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend part 3: Saturday

Saturday morning, my brother Brendan received commendations as a part of Police Appreciation week. He's been on the job for 5 years now in Ossining.

After the ceremony, during which Brendan got 5 awards including most DWI arrests, we got a tour of the facilities. We also got to lock my mother into one of the facilities....after years of being sent to our rooms...we finally got revenge!

After the ceremony, the tour, and a free lunch (my favorite food group), my mother and I went to a surprise party for the mother of the groom from Friday night's wedding. She turned 60 a week or so ago, and since all her family was in from Alabama, her daughters decided to throw her a party. So it was more free food (love that food group!)

As of now, I am completely exhausted, as you can well imagine. I'm not looking forward to WI on Wednesday as I hit a ton of snafus this week....depressing!

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