Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 36

I lost .8 this past week, which makes me quite behind for the 30/100 plan, but I'm not giving up hope! I think I would have lost more if I hasn't been attacked by those girl scout cookies the week's residual calories hanging around is all. This upcoming week is going to rock! I've been running 3 days a week. I've been eating better. The girl scout cookies are nearly finished and I'm counting on Chris to finish those up for me. Things are going OK.

As for work, I just had a meeting with my supervisor, and it seems that I'm going to be the only one in my department on this campus...which means I will be alone. Finally. No sighing, no freaking out for no reason, no taking my ideas to the supervisors and claiming them. I'm going to be happier (I am happy now, just tense) I'm also going to be setting my own schedule, as opposed to having one set for me. Which is super cool because before I had the set schedule this year, my department, which is scattered all over campuses and programs, used to have a working lunch a few times a month and it really brought us together. We hashed out a lot of problems with testing and stuff.

That's all I've got for now....see ya'll later!

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totegirl said...

Yay for both the loss of .8 and the loss of however many pounds crazy co-worker weighed! So happy for you!