Sunday, May 20, 2007

weekend part 2: Friday

Friday morning we actually will get to see Ian my youngest brother. First we stop at "the wall". It's the only wall in Oneonta that is allowed to be painted on. It keeps the graffiti from spreading to other places. Ian paints here often, being an art are some of his beauties.
I took this pic of the ground because it has decades worth of paint spills on it...I think it's awesome.

When we finally get to Ian, he thinks he's dying. Staying up and coughing for 48 hours can make you feel that way, I suppose. Three and a half hours in the car, listening to The DaVinci Code and Ian's coughing (I made him take Mucinex before we left)

We were home by 2:30 in the afternoon, but the day isn't over by a long shot. One of the kids I grew up with on my parent's street was getting married, so off to get a pedi and then straight to a 5pm wedding. Followed by an awesome reception...I'll have to add pictures of that mother took a million pictures.

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