Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Very Late Manic Monday

In a lot of ways, my Monday was actually manic...including my camera bettery dying in the late afternoon. So, I'm posting late.

Manic Monday Button

Work, work work.

I bought myself a prize....a discounted Vera Bradley wallet.

Alexander and I checking out the new duck enclosure at Muscoot Farm.

Oooh...yellow and black ducklings!

Iced Berryblossom tea...yum!


Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

I'm glad you still posted even though it's a day late! That's totally cool with me! Ducklings are SO dang cute!! One of the best things about Spring, if you ask me!!
Alexanders hair is SO dang cute. Like I want to comb his hair with my fingers...hope that isn't TOO weird! He is squeezable too!! Cute cute cute!!!!!

Mary said...

ducklings!! so cute!!

I am staring at that tea photo and just can't figure it out...

Amazon Alanna said...

@Sarah- I don't think that's weird at all. I want to comb his hair with his fingers, too! His hair is really silky. I love it!

@Mary- I'm looking into a stonewear pitcher of iced tea. I just thought it might be a neat photo.

Thanks for coming by!

Marta said...

I don't know where you mothers find the time to do so much everyday! I can't remember that far back...

Nice pics, though! I'm with Mary. I had a hard time figuring it out, but it still made me thirsty!

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Alanna- I found the monster dishes at Target, and the owl plate at The Huntington Library gift store. :) In Target they are in the cooking area usually, and they only cost $2.99! I got a bear holding a cupcake plate from there too in blue tones.

Cory said...

That tea picture is awesome!