Sunday, September 06, 2009

Update on Me!

I know I put in the title that this is an update about me, but I couldn't resist putting a picture of Alexander walking. You see, I am having a bit of a problem separating my identity from my son's. I'm not sure if this is a new mom thing, because he's been so dependant on me until recently, or if I'm just in need of mental help, but I digress.

Work has started up once again, and as some of you remember, I had to pack up my office of 3 years and move to another campus. I spent the 2 conference days unpacking whenever I had a free moment. I'm not quite done yet, as I need a working filing cabinet. I was left with one that is in terrible condition. When you open the drawers, you hear tinkling metal, as if there are small metal mice scampering into little metal nests in the back of the cabinet. I've put in a request, and we'll see if it gets met. Otherwise, my files are staying inside the boxes I packed them in.

This school year also promises to be an interesting one. The place I work for had major budget cuts, as did our component districts, resulting in everyone getting shaken up and switching programs. We have teachers who have worked with emotionally disturbed kids for 8 years who will now be working with the multiply handicapped kids or autistic kids. Granted, they are trained and certified to work with those populations, it's just a major mental adjustment. All these changes are indirectly affecting me. I'm still teaching and consulting in the field of reading, but the people I thought I would be working with are in different departments. So even the "worst case scenario" I had in my head is out the window. The person I get to work with is more heinous than my worst case fears. I'm a professional, I'll get over it. Plus, I get to work on a special project with a woman who hates me more than any other person in the world, including her pervy brother-in-law. I'm that special. Like, I said, it's going to be an interesting year...on the upside, I am employed full time, in a job that doesn't make me want to harf on most days. And historically, most days are good days.

I also have to toot my horn a little bit and let ya'll know that I hit by first 5 pound star. Yeah, it only took a theory is that because I was constantly hungry from nursing and pumping; I ate too much. Now that I'm not doing those things, I'm not so hungry and I'm losing weight slowly. So, if you want to get technical, I lost 5 pounds last month. Go me!

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totegirl said...

Go you, indeed! Sorry about the crazy co-worker fiasco, yet again. Man, one of these days, you will have professional and joyful co-workers. You've been paying your dues for a while now!

Love seeing Alexander walk! He's such a big boy!