Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New school, new faces

I'm digging being back at my old campus. It's a little bit closer to home. It's a little bit closer to Alexander's sitter's house. I have other reading people as neighbors, which is nice. My office is in the school library, which is ever so conveinient.
The downside of being on the main campus is that there is the lunchroom. It's catered by the student chefs, and right now the food is okay, but in another month when they learn how to make chicken cordon bleu and it's delicious and it's super cheap it's hard to stick to a diet. I think I will have to look over the menu and choose one lunch a week to buy in there because otherwise I am dead.
In other news, look what I did to poor Alexander's hair. (The pic is from my phone, so excuse the poor quality)
The kid looks shocked, right? Stunned, even. When I was doing the deed, he started to wriggle and I panicked and made the cut above the fingers holding the hair instead of below. I don't think I will be making that mistake again. Yikes!

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totegirl said...

I don't know how I missed an update from you, but OMG, I can't help but laugh! One time I shaved a bald spot in Christian's head. Ha! Well, they don't get scarred for life from this, trust me!

I haven't had chicken cordon bleu in forever, and when I read that, my mouth watered! Good luck with that. I think the one-day-a-week plan sounds workable.

More updates please!!!