Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July Post...finally

Yeah, so uh, Brigitte, thanks for bringing it to my attention that I haven't posted anything in just about forever. I have been busy with lazy-ass things like going to the pool and napping. Sure, I've been to Target to buy baby things....which reminds me, I should also post about my surprise baby shower...but I think I'll save that for another time...maybe later tonight.

There are no picture updates of the house to speak of. Chris, his dad and his step dad are up there just about every day getting ready for installation people to come. The masons were there last week, so now we have tile on the kitchen floor and tile in the bathroom. The floor and carpet guys are coming soon. Chris and his step dad will be installing the kitchen soon. The appliances are being delivered Thursday. Things are finally coming together. Maybe the house will be ready before the baby comes...who knows?

Next week I have to start calling around to get estimates for a fence for Reuben. Chris is not sold on the idea yet, but frankly, I'm going to feel comfortable walking Reuben during the day when Chris goes back to work and I'm alone with the baby. I'm thinking being able to let Reu out in the back yard would make life a zillion times easier.


totegirl said...

Wow, things really are coming together! Hooray! Look at Chris being all handy. My husband is not very handy, but I love it when he tries!

So, all my fingers and toes are crossed for an early move in... And good fences make good neighbors. Definitely, with a dog AND a baby, you need a fence!

totegirl said...

So, I was thinking about you this morning. You are so close to your due date! How are you doing? I can't wait to see the baby!