Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Here!

The Schmoo and I are still occupying the same space, which is cool because I don't have to change diapers and I only have to feed myself. My doctor doesn't think I'm going anywhere this week, so I'm cool with that. I'm not dilated at all, so I'm still floating around the pool, which is my favorite thing to do.

Today is my 35th birthday and my mom took me to one of my favorite places for lunch. Silver Tips Tea Room rocks the house! We had high tea...tea sandwiches, iced chai, a scone, and a slice of cake. Divine!

The house is still under construction and poor Chris is freaking out. He wants the house to be ready to move in to before the baby comes. He doesn't want to be moved in, necessarily before the baby comes, but he doesn't want to worry about the house. He just wants to enjoy the baby. I can't blame him. I don't know how much is left to be done. I get the feeling that his part is nearly done, and that the next few things are really up to installing the wood floors and carpeting kinds of things. I just feel terrible for the poor stressed out guy.


totegirl said...


HOORAY! The schmoo and you better not share birthday parties, though...

Poor Chris. I really hope that things come together really soon. I know they will, though. I really do!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday!

You and your baby are going to have close birthdays. That will be fun.

Little Things said...

Happy Birthday!!! A tea that sounds like fun!! :)

Silver Tips Tea said...

Congratulations on your baby. I hear you've visited our Tea Room twice recently and once with the little one! That's fantastic - introduce him to the good life early on!
Much happiness to all of you and see you soon!