Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reuben's Babies

I haven't had much going on these days...just working, eating and sleeping for the most part. The baby has been having little dance parties a few times a day, which is a nice reminder that all is well.

Since I've got nothing really interesting happening as of late, but wanted to share something with ya'll I thought I'd share some pictures of Reuben and one of his "babies". Reuben has 3 stuffed animals, that are left overs from my childhood) that he likes to groom and sleep with occasionally.
I don't usually have an opportunity to take pics like this because if I leave the room, Reuben will get up and follow me...and his baby is forgotten.

So, I guess there is hope for Reu when the real baby comes. I just hope he doesn't try to groom the baby. He's tried to do it to me, and it feels like he's trying to eat corn on the cob...I've seen dogs do this to their young, I suppose it pulls junk out of their fur. Doesn't feel too great when you don't have fur...take my word for it!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with more exciting/interesting news than my dog and his pretend offspring. Check ya later!


Happy Cathy said...

That's one handsome dog you got there! It seems like he is ready for a (baby) buddy!

totegirl said...

Aw Reuben. You really know how to melt my heart, don't you? I love it when my dogs try to groom me! Of course, they're tiny and have little precious teeth. Not quite the same as having Reuben do it, huh?

Glad the schmoo is having DDR parties in your belly! It is such a weird feeling sometimes! It's like a little fishy in there! Can't wait til baby time! I hope to be in NY late August, so if you could go ahead and have my niece/nephew by then, I'd appreciate it!

JessiferSeabs said...

Aw, I love it. so cute. Gracie has a security blanket that she drags around with her everywhere -- no joke. I used to use it to line her kennel and somehow she just got really attached to it. Drags it to bed, drags it to sleep, drags it everywhere. I call her Linus. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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