Monday, December 10, 2007

Drowning in Christmas

I think I might literally be drowning in Christmas. Chris and I did about 25 Christmas cards...mostly family and extended family. We're going to finish up the last bit tonight, plus we need to go over our Christmas lists and see who still needs gifts. We are also going to try to decorate our tree tonight, but we may have to put that off to another night. Exhausting.

Our weekend was nice...a ton of good food and dozens of great people. Fun, but tiring.

Work has also been busy. With the upcoming vacation, my students are getting more and more stressed out. They hate coming to school, but they really hate spending time with their flesh and blood more. A number of them are acting out for that reason alone.

I personally can not wait until vacation...9 more school days...or calendar days. Woo-hoo! Then I can sleep for 3 days straight and still have more than a week to do whatever I want. Whoopie!


totegirl said...

Your vacay is so close! Hooray! My own spawn has been acting out recently. Now I know why!

Thanks for reading my ridiculously long entry today. You are a true friend and a gentlewoman!

Amazon Alanna said...

Marta, I don't think your spawn and my charges are suffering from the same affliction. Maybe your guy needs a break from's tiring.

Wow, I don't think I've ever been called a gentlewoman before! :)