Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I rock!

Okay, so maybe I don't rock like Tom Petty rocks, or how the guys in Tool rock, but I am really impressed with myself as of late. I have been actually going to the gym and running on a semi-regular basis. I'm even sore from lifting. And, can you believe this, I've been eating food that is good for the portions sizes that are right. I'm almost a little scared that this is going on, but I certainly don't want it to stop. That would be awful.

I have made plans for one April. Mudders and Grunters is a race I've done before and it's great fun. It's a 5 mile trail hilly race in which the Taconic Road Runners have been known to hose down the trail the day before so you are guaranteed a muddy race. There is even a stream that you have to wade through towards the end of the race.

People have been known to lose shoes in the mud at Mudders and Grunters. My father, who used to run this race each year, recommended that I wrap my shoes with duct tape so that it would cover the laces. He also suggests that you put veggie bags over your socks to keep your feet dry. The tops should also be duct taped. I did the race once, and these ideas certainly kept me going. It was the first running race that I wasn't last in.

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