Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Manic Monday, except now it's Tuesday

I was trying to post this morning, but my desk top got all bitchy on me. Ugh! Cupcake clean-up. No pics of the Smore's cupcakes...sorry, Chris had to bring them to work.
Shopping at Trader Joe's all the way in Danbury, CT.

New to us wagon that my mom got at a tag sale for 10 smackeroos.

Squash bloom in my garden. I kick myself everday for getting a late start.

Mowin' the lawn.

At the park with Daddy.

Tuckered out Alexander. We had a bit of a disagreement, he and I. He thought I should sit in his room and hang out until he fell asleep. I did not think that was a good idea. So, he decided to camp out in front of his bedroom gate instead.

And a big thanks to Sarah who hosts the fabulous Manic Monday from her blog. If you care to join us next week, take a peek here!

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