Friday, June 26, 2009


15 packed boxes later, I am totally on vacation. I had to pack my office this last week so the O&M crew can move my belongings into my new office for September. I cannot believe that I have 15 boxes worth of stuff. Well, I am a literacy specialist, so many of those boxes do contain books. I know I have 2 boxes dedicated to the Wilson Program...but that is another story for another day; perhaps one in which I am feeling particularly geeky.

Today is my first day of vacation. I had lunch with Darth Bruce, my BFF, at the Silver Tips Tea Room which is still my favorite place to go. They even have a blog now. Awesome! The owner has not only made the best tea room in my part of NY, but it's 100% green powered. And better yet, they are expanding to the shop next door because they are doing so well and that says a lot in today's economy.

I'm figuring that I'm going to lounge about as much as possible today and tomorrow. Well, as much as Alexander lets me and then Sunday I have to get to work on finally losing the baby weight. Alexander is down to 2-3 nursings a day and he'll be a year in August and will probably be weaned by then, so there will be no more excises. Chris and I agreed that we both need to start running again. It'll be good for us, good for Reu who will probably do a couple of laps around the neighborhood with me as I warm up, and good for Alexander to grow up in a house where exercise is a priority.

I also joined a challenge at Amy's Quest for Skinny. It has come at the perfect time for me.

Okay, now is the time for gratuitous Alexander pics....Chris doesn't want him to be a drummer or anything...


My Regular Voice said...

Oh that is the cutest thing! I especially like the last picture. I'm doing the challenge too! Let's rock it!!

totegirl said...

Alexander looks like a natural! Too precious!

Have you made peace with the new office?

I joined the challenge too. Woohoooooo!

Kelly said...

Alexander kills me with his cuteness!

Yeah, our emailing kind of fell apart. I kind of inadvertently took a week off of working out, but I'm back now. I might go sign up for that challenge too (even if I am a bit late). Sounds fun and I can always use motivation!