Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Only a few minutes

I have only a few minutes before Alexander might be waking up from his nap, but I thought I would check in.

I have a ton of things swirling through my mind and the biggest one is that I have to lose about 50 pounds. That is an incredibly daunting thought. I did rejoin WW and that's all well and good, but I actually have to *use* WW to my advantage. I have to work the program instead of waiting for it to work for me. Maybe I need to work out some kind of system of payment. A dollar for every .2 lost? That would be $5 a pound. A total of $250 once I've lost the 50 I'd like to lose...not enough for a whole new wardrobe, but enough for a couple of massages. I should also make a list of things I will do for myself as I lose...maybe when I lose my first 5 pounds, I'll treat myself to a nice pedicure....

I don't know, I'm at a loss. I want to lose this weight because I know that I will feel better about how I look in clothes (I know my other mental demons will be there, no worries) and I know that once Alexander is mobile that being more fit will make it easier on me.

Please, I need some ideas here, so if you can, please reply with some...


totegirl said...

Well, the reward system sounds like an excellent idea! And let's think about what has worked for you before. I personally made a huge pot of zero point soup. I'm a volume eater, so I really like having the soup as a snack and as a meal starter. I had some before I went to lunch and had a really small lunch compared to what I could have had at Whole Foods!

So, how much time do you have? It's hard working and having a little one, so cooking once a week and having meals ready to go might be a good option. That was the only way I could do it when my son was younger and I was in school.

Look, I have utter faith in you! You can do this because you want it! Back to basics, I say.

I love you!

Elephant Steps said...

I always liked being challenged by someone that would reward me. If I was to reward myself I would slack, but if someone else was rewarding me (husband, mom, etc) then I was more likely to get it done, and I wanted to prove to them that I could.

Cute picture of Alexander!!:)