Friday, June 06, 2008

Pictures from the past

As requested by my buddy Happy Cathy on her private blog, I am here to post a pic of myself from my childhood. Fun stuff!
My mom likes to scan old photos and email them to me...when she emails me some more, I'm going to post more kiddo pictures of myself. It's super fun!

And just for kicks, I'm posting my favorite old picture of all times. My paternal grandparents wedding photo. I love, love, love this picture!
Could my grandfather look anymore Irish for cryin' out loud?


Happy Cathy said...

What a fun picture! Now, I know why you are so wacky. You got it from your pops! I definitely want to see more pics.

Yeah, your grandfather definitely looks a little Irish. Do you think any of your brothers look like him? I might see a bit of Ian in the picture.

The Toneys said...

I am Cathy's friend and just wanted to say that is an awesome picture!