Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm Alive!

Okay, I'm returning to my normal schedule. I sent out the portfolio piece of the National Board stuff and I'm feeling sooooo incredibly good about that. At this point, I could have put poo in that box and mailed it out and I'd feel relieved.

Also, tomorrow is my first day back at the public library. Can you believe that they've been closed all this time? Thank God, because I spent all the time I'd normally be at the library working on the National Board thing. I think someone upstairs wants me to be nationally certified, but now I'm digressing.

I did go out on St. Pats to see my husband's band play. They were mentioned on Blabbermouth because Ace Frehley came and played with them. He's an old friend of hubby's step-father (and band mate). There are also pics on I'm feeling very cool right now. Of course my hubby is not in any of those pics, but his step-dad is. It's frickin' cool, if you ask me.

Hmmmm, what else is news worthy. I mentioned that I'm fat in a post recently because I'm still at 179 and it sucks. I just had no control over what I was eating. All I wanted was fast stuff so I could work on that huge national project. It's over now, so I'm starting fresh Monday. I'm not going crazy eating this weekend, I'm just trying to decompress and not be stressed about anything, including finding the perfect core foods to put in my mouth. The weight will come off again...I just need to give it time. so it's back to my goofy idea of trying to get down to the next ten. My focus will be to get under 170. Once I get there, I'll see what is going on.

I have been away too, too long. I've missed being around here and I have no intention of going away for such a long time ever again!


totegirl said...

Monday. I'm in. I am going to do Slim in 6 and eat good foods. I'm excited!

Cory said...

Congrats on getting your stuff done. That's fantastic!