Monday, March 19, 2007

Can it be true?

Is that the sound of my printer coughing out entry #3 of 4? Am I getting closer than ever to actually being done with this blasted national boards stuff? You bet your bippy! Just one entry left to rewrite 30 times, print out, pack in an anal retentive way and then I can mail out the whole stupid box! Back to the Feds with you!

In other news...I'm fat.


totegirl said...

Awww, shucks, sugar! I'm so happy that you are almost done! How often do these nat. boards happen? I hope only every 10 years...or never again would be better.

So, I'm fat too. Today is the first day that I'm making a conscious effort to get back on track. And then, eventually? Exercise. But, baby steps...

Lady D said...

Hey, not sure if you remember me.
I am back. I graduated, moved, and started working. I am back on WW and joined a gym!!