Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Very Late Manic Monday

It seems to me that my whole life has become manic since Alexander has progressed into the beginning of being a little boy and not a baby...he is so much fun, and we are doing lots of things, but taking pictures is not always easy! Then there are the times I do get the pictures taken, but there is so much to do to get ready for the next day, I don't have time to post them. Argh! And we're thinking another one is a good idea...Oi, we must be crazy!

Since it's gotten so cold out, Alexander winds up in our bed at about 3am. He's a fine bedfellow.
This wasn't even the coldest part of my commute to work; the thermometer read -4 at one point, but I was driving and not in a position to snap a picture with my phone.

My mom and Alexander assisting with baking cupcakes.

S'mores cupcakes! Yum!

A big thanks to Sarah for hosting:

Manic Monday

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