Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Manic Monday Failure and other stuff

I fully intended to start doing the Manic Monday photag posting starting with this last Monday because I'm on vacation, and there was a lot to be done: I had a doc appointment, went to the tearoom with my mom and my brother. It would have been awesome, but I forgot to take pictures. I had my good camera with me and everything. Bah. Maybe I can get it done this Monday. I'm at work, so it's not going to be terribly exciting...but there is always the afterschool hours, right?

Alexander is getting bigger and bigger. I'm sad to say that he's definitely a toddler now, complete with "no more!" and "go!" Very fun to play with, but where is my little baby? Ah, life, it's a kick in the pants.


Marta said...

Look at that boy's beautiful locks! What a cutie! Aw, why do they have to grow up? I actually started missing mine so much that I wanted to have another one. Jeez! Crazy talk!

Sarah said...

WOW look how much older he looks! Girl you don't post enough!!! Hope you'll join us for MM! If you do, make sure you stop by my blog and add your blog to the widget box okay?