Saturday, November 07, 2009

Life has been just a litte crazy...

Well, my title might be a tad mis leading...not so much crazy as just busy, busy, busy now that Alexander is hell bent on running.  He is trying to be as active as possible, which is fine by me because he sleeps like a champ.  Hardly a peep out of him once I put him in his crib (after milk, brushing teeth, at least 2 books, and some rocking and singing) and show him who's waiting for him (one of the puppy brothers, a stuffed bear, and a blankie).  In fact, he's in there now listening to his fisherprice musicbox/aquarium thing.

If you look at the water in the bath shot, you can see it's moving quite a bit.  He's active in the tub, too, trying to splash and kick as much as he can.  It's pretty dang entertaining.

As for me, things are a-okay.  Even though we have tons of leftover Halloween candy, and I've been helping myself to some everyday, I'm still slowly, ever so slowly, losing weight.  And that's fine.  Since I stopped WW, I've actually been thinking less about food, and I think as a result, less goes into my mouth.  I'm eating things that I would "indulge" in when I was on plan, and I would go overboard, but now I just have a little..I suppose because it's really not "bad" anymore.  It's just food.  Eh, who knows.  I'm just going to try to be aware, in a general kind of way, of what I'm eating and how often.  We'll see where is leads me. 
And while I'm here, maybe someone could tell me where the spellcheck button went?  It's making me just a little bit insane.


Sarah said...

Alanna what is the PJ thing he is wearing? It looks like you doubled up? I'm gonna need something like that in another month when our place gets cold. Could you tell me who makes it too, so I can find online?

totegirl said...

Right on! I'm glad to hear about Alexander! He's just so dang cute! I am seriously missing my son these days from just reading about everyone's kids!

Same thing happened to me when I quit WW. I guess when the healthy stuff becomes the habit and not the other way around is when it finally clicks? Who knows. Good job!