Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ian Graduates!

My baby brother, Ian, graduated from Coast Guard basic training on May 1st!

Ian shaking the hand of his commanding officer.

Ian coming out of Healy Hall with all of his gear, ready to come home for a short leave.

All my little brothers, and Alexander. My brother Brendan is holding Alexander, my brother Ian, obviously, is in the middle, and the suited fellow on the end is my brother Patrick. A good looking crew...but I'm biased.


totegirl said...

Good for Ian! I don't think you're biased. Your brothers are all smoking hot! EWWW! I know you don't think of your brothers that way, but hey, they're not my brothers!

My Regular Voice said...

You are right, they are a good looking crew! And look at that red hair on Alexander! You can see it so well in that picture! He is just the cutest lil guy next to mine of course! ;)

Yay for Ian!