Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still stuck on the baby!

Yeah, I am totally stuck on Alexander. It's hard not to talk about him, or post pictures of him. I'm sorry to say that ya'll will have to deal with it for now...sorry.

The little guy is doing well. He's got pretty good sleeping habits, which I'm thankful for although I probably just jinxed myself for tonight, but that's okay. Since the last time I've written, he's had a bath during which he didn't even flinch much less cry, had an ultrasound (a minor kidney thing that in the long run means nothing but they like to monitor it regardless- and by the way, he grew out of it, which is awesome!) which he slept through, he's been to the tea room twice and slept through it. He's awesome.

Reuben seems to be adjusting well. He's interested in Alexander, but not too interested. If Alexander cries at all, no matter how faint, Reuben comes running to assess the situation...and sometimes to lick Alexander's if that will help things. So far, so good with the baby/dog relationship.

Actually, when we have company over to see the baby, Reuben will sit about 3 feet from the new person holding Alexander and he will stare until he feels that things are A-okay and then he'll go lie on his dog bed...he'll still watch to make sure that the little one is not in danger. It's pretty cool.

And finally, the house is nearly done! We had the last of the contractors in on Friday. I don't know what still needs to be done, and I'm "not allowed" to go and see as Chris wants it to be a surprise since it's been so long since I've gone there. I will be sure to take a gazillion pictures once I do get in there and post them!


totegirl said...

Yay and hooray! Things are great, and it gives me great joy to read about them! I can't wait to see the house! I love how Chris is keeping it so secret. That guy rules!

Thanks for the love, mama. I need as much as I can get these days. I appreciate you.

TrixieBelden said...

that has to be the cutest post ever. i love dogs babies :) i swear, the bigger the dog, the sweeter the dog. i gotta remember that! post more pictures! we love pictures!